Apprentice finalist Susan Ma’s skincare range

If you are anything like me you will have been glued to the television on Wednesday evenings for the last few weeks as The Apprentice contestants got nearer and nearer to the final.

You will also have sat there last night wondering what on earth to do with the now huge void left in your tv schedule. Just to clarify, television does not rule my life (unless it’s The Only Way Is Essex in which case plans made by my husband which involve being away from an ITV2 signal are vetoed) but I do love The Apprentice and this year was one of my favourites.

I found nearly all the contestants really interesting, whether it was in a good way or bad and was glued to it from day one, watching each person develop and progress (or completely not, as the case was for a few of them).

One budding entrepreneur, however, which I kept my eye on all the way through was Susan ‘I have my own business’ Ma. She was annoying, mouse-like and really unlikable in the beginning, however as she went on about her own skincare business I thought it only right that I check it out and I am actually pleasantly surprised.

Let’s start from the beginning. Susan was born in Shanghai and moved to Austraila aged six before finally settling in London aged 13. Her mother couldn’t speak a word of English and Susan had to try and help her get by day to day while also sorting a school place out for herself and finally studying Philosophy and Economics at University.

Her first job was selling skincare on a market stall and in no time at all she had started her own skincare business which then led to her appearing on The Apprentice. So, here we have Tropic Skincare Limited, which she is ploughing all her efforts back into again since the end of the programme. She says, “If anyone were to ask me what my proudest achievement is, it would be my company – Tropic Skin Care Ltd – a range of skin care products that is 100% from Natural Origin, 100% Vegan and 100% Cruelty Free.”

Products include a body polish, smoothing cleanser, nourishing lip balm and a vitamin balancing tonic. As you will know if you are a regular reader, I am a massive fan of natural, not nasty to animals products and so the fact that these are just that is a real plus for me. Looking on the website however, there doesn’t seem to be a great selection to choose from and that is the only thing that puts me off, however I can’t knock the girl just yet, she is only 21.
I think if she concentrates on really developing her brand and product range it won’t be long before she has a really successful line to put her name to. My friend ordered the lip balm called Lip Love at £4.95 and so I couldn’t resist having a little try. It’s consistency felt so luxurious and it smelt DIVINE, but at the end of the day it was just a lip balm and at nearly a fiver, a rather pricey one at that. I am yet to try the other products but will report when I do – I have ordered the body polish and smoothing cleanser (my holiday tan needs some help) and am soooooo hoping I can give a positive review. I really really do hope that she does well with this but in my opinion a better selection of products will be the recipe for success. But with an obsession for all things orange on The Only Way Is Essex, what do I know?


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